We offer the following Services

Operative obstetrics

Obstetric interventions, planned and unplanned caesarean section


Operative gynaecology

As an attending physician, Frida Salihi performs minor and major gynaecological operations at the Zuger Kantonsspital (regular, semi-private and private insurance).



  • Care during pregnancy
  • Advice on prenatal diagnostics
  • Ultrasound examination during pregnancy
  • First trimester screening and nuchal translucency measurement
  • Second trimester screening / Organ ultrasound
  • Colour Doppler sonography blood flow measurements of the foetal and maternal vessels
  • Care during and after the birth at the Zuger Kantonsspital
  • Support for nursing/breastfeeding problems
  • Postnatal counselling



  • Annual gynaecological medical check-up (cancer screening)
  • Gynaecological examination, contraception
  • Gynaecology for children and adolescents, hormone issues, bleeding disorders, vulva consultation, infections
  • Fertility investigations and testing
  • Counselling for sexual problems
  • Menopause consultation, treatment of menopausal complaints, osteoporosis
  • Gynaecological ultrasound
  • Breast examination, clarification of breast changes including breast ultrasound
  • Basic clarification and treatment of bladder problems
  • Chronic pain, endometriosis
  • Post-cancer care
  • Second opinion when referred by your family doctor
  • Vaccinations


Midwife consultation offer

  • Care for physiological pregnancy
  • Care for high-risk pregnancies on medical prescription
  • Individual antenatal classes
  • Outpatient postpartum care by appointment